March 19, 2018

We are on DealStreetAsia!

by admin123 in Asia
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The growth in ASEAN’s digital economy reveals various Internet opportunities that everyone has access to. Given how accessible the economy is, the poor and the unbanked now have a platform to develop themselves and to be bestowed as the biggest winners of these circumstances. However, there is also an unlikely contender for the top spot: the criminals and terrorists.

For that reason, our mission at BASIS ID is to ensure that these criminals and terrorists do not take advantage of the growth in the digital economy for the wrong reasons. We make sure that the rewards go to the people who deserve them and not those who seek to destroy and harm others.

We also take pride in our efforts in ensuring that our clients’ compliance processes are consistent with the compliance requirements that have been set by the authorities. For example, we equip our clients with the necessary resources to be compliant with the upcoming GDPR requirements – not just those operating within Europe but those who have EU data subjects in their customer database.

You can join us in our fight against money laundering and terrorism financing by liking and following us on our Linkedin page for more updates on how criminals and terrorists are exploiting the digital economy to fulfill their evil means and what BASIS ID’s action plans are.

BASIS ID is a digital identity management platform for businesses and customers alike. We provide an all-in-one identity processing, verification and storage services to businesses while equipping the customers with the necessary tools to control their own personal data.


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