BASIS ID: personal data is a personal value

The story of BASIS ID brand starts off in Singapore where the most innovative companies and startups seek to offer the best service to customers, which is based on effectiveness and trust.

BASIS ID brand was built in effort to give companies a tool to speed up operational processes, provide ultimate security
and to form trustworthy relationships through compliance with regulatory requirements.

Tested in Asian market, BASIS ID was able to offer advanced verification engines unavailable by other companies and provide service recognised by the whole community.
Identifying needs of companies, governments and end-users, BASIS ID seek to offer a balanced solution that gives capabilities for identification, verification and management of the most significant value of 21st century— personal data.

The goal is to make the whole online and offline infrastructure simple, effective and secure.

Philosophy of BASIS ID is to treat data as a value. And personal data— as a personal value.

In the Press

Identity is the key to eliminating credit invisible people. Social identity creating reputational economy

Identity market is a monopoly of few agencies, not having ID means you cannot open bank account. Every time you apply for a credit or opening an account you provide excessive amount of info, becoming completely exposed: as identity verification is also not centralized, applying for a loan requires users to expose all of their personal information, putting individuals at increased risk of experiencing identity theft.

At the same time “the ”social identity” is becoming the basis for a reputation economy, an economy based on trust. It will be reputation rather than regulation that will animate trust in economic exchange, and that social graph, the network of our social identities, will be the nexus of commerce, administration and interaction”.

Mentors & Advisors
Markus Graf
Co–Founder of
Mona Zoet
Founder of RegPac Revolution
Kristian Sägi
Co-Founder at Nevercode
Jana Pavlenkova
CEO at Prototron fund
Thanks to robust Research & Development

BASIS ID is always on the edge of technology and offers the most effective solutions.

  • Only BASIS ID checks multi-registrations made from one device, which helps to prevent fraud in the early stages
  • Only BASIS ID checks uploaded files for adjustments made in graphics editor
  • Only BASIS ID verifies address by matching two elements: entered bank card number and uploaded bank statement. Bank Identification Number allows to specify the name of the bank and country of issue. Reservation transaction with unique code for identity verification guarantees verification of the person
  • In cooperation with the Monetary Authority of Singapore and Bank Negara Malaysia, BASIS ID created a system of automated video interviewing. Interview results are compared to the interviewee identity, his/her personal information provided and additional information like geolocation, which helps to get the maximum extent of identity verification
  • All actions of user are saved into the Blockchain creating unique data blocks. These blocks help to recreate user actions and identify if certain action took place, which simplifies the decisionmaking for legal procedures
Our Team
Akim Arhipov
Managing Director
Sergey Shcherbak
Director of Development Team
Arseniy Sokhrannov
Chief Operating Officer
Peter Liem
Head of Account Management
Polina Magdina
Chief Impression Officer
Anton Ossipovski
Chief Marketing Officer
Arina Tsekanina
Chief Legal Officer
Maria Ossipovski
Product Designer
Daniil Magerov
Compliance Specialist
Max Romanovskiy
Verification Team Manager