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BASIS ID is always on the edge of technology and offers the most effective solutions.

  • Only BASIS ID checks multi-registrations made from one device, which helps to prevent fraud in the early stages
  • Only BASIS ID checks uploaded files for adjustments made in graphics editor
  • Only BASIS ID verifies address by matching two elements: entered bank card number and uploaded bank statement. Bank Identification Number allows to specify the name of the bank and country of issue. Reservation transaction with unique code for identity verification guarantees verification of the person
  • In cooperation with the Monetary Authority of Singapore and Bank Negara Malaysia, BASIS ID created a system of automated video interviewing. Interview results are compared to the interviewee identity, his/her personal information provided and additional information like geolocation, which helps to get the maximum extent of identity verification
  • All actions of user are saved into the Blockchain creating unique data blocks. These blocks help to recreate user actions and identify if certain action took place, which simplifies the decisionmaking for legal procedures